How to Keep Squirrels Off Your Deck

There are around two hundred and sixty-eight species of squirrels around the globe due to which they are mostly found in large quantities almost in every region of the world. Squirrels have very sharp and strong incisors and Jaws that make it very easy for them to chew several objects. The deck of your boats is very common among those objects. Because of its wooden material that is not so difficult to chew, the squirrels make holes in the decks by chewing them with their sharp jaws. They can make their roosting on your decks by gnawing on them and once they produce babies at that place it would be very difficult to get rid of them. So it would be preferable to follow several effective measures to keep the squirrels away as soon as you come to know about the presence of squirrels on your deck.

Ways to keep squirrels off your deck:

Getting rid of squirrels on your deck would not be easy at most of the times, as they are very intelligent and clever animal, they will figure out many ways to return again and again at that place so following effective measures should be followed to keep them off your deck:

Fake deterrents:

Squirrels are afraid of owl, hawks, eagles, seagulls and several other big birds or animals. Because of their small size, the squirrels are the prey of most of these animals due to which the squirrels try to stay away from the places where they are present. Installing fake decoys of these animals or birds at your decks would be helpful in keeping the squirrels away from it.

Squirrels repellent odors:

Spraying your decks with the materials that contain the odor that repels squirrels will keep the squirrels off from it. Squirrels don't like the smell of soap or the vinegar or that of several other citrus and strong-smelling objects, they could be used as the squirrels repellents.

Making the surface of deck less irresistible:

Try to make the surface of deck less irresistible so that it would be difficult for squirrels to stay there for a long time. It could be done by spraying chili or hot sauces on the deck or other squirrel repellent sprays will make it difficult for the squirrels to stay on the deck or come back towards it.

Removal of food sources:

The reason behind the presence of birds and other small animals at almost all places is the search for their feedings. They will keep visiting the places where they ever find any sort of food for their living. You should make sure to remove any of the food such as nuts, fruits or vegetables, etc from your deck so that squirrels will not head towards it.

Covering the surface of the deck with resistant materials:

The deck is mostly wooden that makes it very easy for the squirrels to chew it. Covering the whole of the deck or those parts of it that are mostly chewed by the squirrels with the aluminum metal or plastic materials will act as the resistant for the squirrels to chew your deck because they are not chewable neither tasty.


Squirrels chewing your deck could be very troublesome for you, but it is not impossible to keep them off from it. Methods discussed above will be effective in getting rid of them if followed accurately. 

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